Did you know that you can block instances with the app and share your list with comments?
If you have several accounts, that could be useful to quickly import these instances.

I published 2.24.1 that fixes the issue with accounts (missing features).
Also, custom emojis in polls are now supported.
There are some other small fixes.

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You use Fedilab with?

I broke the app with instances that are now seen as Mastodon ones.

The app remains usable but you lost custom features.

It's fixed. I will release that tomorrow. Sorry.

The app has started to support stories. Now I am waiting them for going further. It should come really soon :)


Fedilab a partagé
Fedilab a partagé
@fedilab For those that may not know how to get chrome to check for updates, open the 3 dot menu, go to Help -> About Google Chrome. This will trigger an update check.

My home timeline is a real mess. As I released a new version, I thought it comes from the app but I get the same results with the web UI. So this time, it's not Fedilab 😏

2.24.0 has been released. This version comes with the new layouts and fixes recent issues you reported.
It's already available on the Playstore.

Release notes: framagit.org/tom79/fedilab/-/r

Last points I have to work on before releasing the new update:

- Fix multiple notifications
- Fix the issue when the app loads nothing when starting (due to lists).

The first point should be easy to fix (regression).
The second one needs to change some logic but it's time to fix that bug and make the app faster when opening it.

In the next release, you will be able to choose between these two layouts (console mode is unchanged). Conversations should be clearer.

is working with the app and has its dedicated layout.
If you use the pixelfed.social instance, that will work very soon.
Also new endpoints are coming and I will be there for implementing them asap.


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