That should be easy to sync your bookmarks with your instance. I will keep the current way it works so that you can keep to read them offline.
Would you like a feature to sync your old bookmarks stored locally?

I published the second release in the beta channel. Now you can export and import your themes.
It also comes with bug fixes.

Fedilab a partagé
Fedilab a partagé

We released v2 yesterday!
Improvements on federation, instances presentation and a brand new JoinPeertube.org !
We're talking about live-streaming for the v3... more info here framablog.org/2019/11/12/peert

Theming feature will be available very soon (thanks to feedback of beta testers).
I removed the quick theme switcher, everything will be managed on settings from the "Theming" tab.
Last step: export themes in a file to restore or share them.

Fedilab a partagé

Hi Fediverse 👋

as mentioned before, we are reorganizing the codebase of the website. If you are curious concerning the progress, I'm happy to share the current status:


Powered by @codeberg·s new static pages. Special thanks to supercell for migrating all the google-related pages. If you also want to participate, you can do so here:


Also feel free to leave your feedback here 🙃

Fedilab has a wiki (small) - not all features are listed. But it can help for discovering some of them :)


If you are new to , you might don't know that you can pin your search, add keywords and also create art timelines (media only).

I published the version 2.25.0 in the beta channel. It's up to you to customize the themes (Settings -> Colors).

There are also some layout changes.

I was joking about the new theme. I thought to add a quick reset feature. That can be useful when doing bad jokes :)

To new users. You can long press a lot of buttons or tabs to get more features.
If you have several accounts, that allows to make the action with another account without switching.

In a media description, I talked about Peertube instead of YouTube. Yes, that's not the first time that I made this mistake. Maybe because it's a good thing to think more about peertube than Youtube.
BTW, I will add a feature that allows to update media descriptions.

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Don't forget to turn on Invidious (for YouTube links) and Nitter (Twitter links) with the app. Better privacy protection is not a luxury.

Improvements of the themes are coming. I had to remove references that were hard-coded for allowing you a full customization of colors.
That's now the next step, and surely the funniest :)

In the next release the "strange"navigation menu will disappear. The light theme should be better too.

Still working on full customization of themes. That's a deep work, but you will be able to customize them yourself. Then, why not introducing best ones you create inside the app.

If you want to schedule messages on or , you can use the website at plan.fedilab.app/

It's open source and it doesn't record any data.

Source code : framagit.org/tom79/fediplan

Otherwise, you can still do that with Fedilab


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