You know what I reckon would be cool? If all the throngs of organisations and companies who claim to be open would actually establish themselves in the distributed, open source Fediverse. That'd be cool.

If they wanted to join this Mastodon instance, I'd be happy to approve their accounts - all they'd have to write in response to "why do you want an account on our server?" is "We're keen to walk the talk and stop being hypocrites". If they write that, they're in.

@selea just another reason I'm pleased I didn't adopt their service (and set up my own mail service, which, frankly, is superb).

@selea full credit, though, to the folks at, as I use their dockerised install.


Running your own mailserver is really nice, so much freedom included

@selea yes, I've found it librating, and an opportunity to be generous to my friends. I host email for myself and many others. 3 MailCow instances, all about 2-3 years old. They are remarkable and inspiring technology, created by impressive and generous folks.

@foxmask @selea the key thing, though, is to ask the question, and then engage with the response! :) Let me know if you run into trouble!


@lightweight @selea
I don't have any problem for managing mail server, I meant, when people who doesn't know our universe, I'm not sure they will understand a word of "server/smtp/pop" and so on.
this is why they mostfly use yahoo gmail outloot or others horrible services like that.

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@foxmask @selea yes. The level of tech understanding among 80% of society *all of whom depend on tech for their work and social lives* is extremely low. That's why I say we're living in a digital Dark Age right now.

@foxmask @selea it's up to people like us - their friends - to show them there's a different way, and to demonstrate that if it's crucial to us (i.e. those who know how to host it), it's probably at least as safe for them as the corporate options that cost lots of $$ and/or mine all their (and their correspondents'!) data...

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