Please, use anything else than Medium to blog about things.

@framasky remember when it was pitched as "somewhere to put long tweets" and then "like wordpress but you only get one style sheet"

i miss that

such a shame it's so hard to host HTML 😹

@VyrCossont @framasky what do you mean?


"everyone wants me to use 8 tons of javascript but I just have html?"

something else?

Asking because from what is going on with federated stuff and self-hosting, I'm FAIRLY sure whatever it is has been covered (and maybe the message about "how" hasn't been spread widely enough. But if not - let's fix that!

> such a shame it's so hard to host HTML 😹

@framasky i managed to successfully push extremely hard against work hosting any of our blogs on medium for roughly similar reasons

(i also used the argument that it’s shit for branding since it enforces a style and you can’t get custom domains anymore)

@framasky Do you have any specific recommendations? I might wanna blog a thing soon, and I don't want to cover people's screens up like that. recommends something called Write Freely, and Plume, but there's probably something nicer out there that I can't find.

@greatjoe No recommendations, but Write Freely and Plum seem nice but I don’t know if someone provides ready-to-use instances.
Otherwise, a blog with wordpress or a static site generator is good.

@framasky @greatjoe hopping in to say is a nice and functional platform
if there are any major ethical concerns I don't know about them

@framasky En même temps, sur une page qui parle de « Simple one-liners », je trouve ça cohérent de ne pouvoir lire qu'une ligne à la fois :-)

@framasky Medium is insulting to use just by the amount of retards, that you will be placed amongst.

@framasky here I can read medium article with µBlock Origin + µMatrix + Noscript + Firefox reader mode 😉

@framasky @DaD

There is a website you can use for any article from most sites that strips all the rubbish away: :)

@framasky I have the "make medium readable" again extension from firefox. I'm not bringing this up as advice. It's more, this was the solution people came up with because people won't stop 1. posting to medium. 2. insisting you read shit from medium.

I appreciate what the extension does, but I feel it's a bad sign if I have to have an extension for a single site, and it's not even in my top 5 of sites.

@framasky Yeah. Medium is unreadable on focus. I think I tried to read something on it yesterday before I remembered why it works in browser?

I actually looked through my extensions and noticed ones for making youtube and gmail less terrible too. It's like there's this pattern of having to suffer through webpages until a 3rd party wants to fix them.

We really need people to stop using medium =(

@framasky What's even more fun is that you can only close these when you have an internet connection.
I've at some point read something through the one-line gap in the middle...

@framasky I'd point out how this is like an exaggerating webcomic, but the reality is that it's been like this for well over at least a year at this point.

@framasky more like "simple one liners is all you will get"

@framasky Anything else? "anything else" includes facebook… 🤡

@framasky It's sad that websites always get bloated with a bunch of crap banners when they get popular

It's even worse for those with accounts. You can read something like three articles, then you need to pay. Really pushes you away from it

@MasseR @framasky

No disclosure re: what pay the contributors get, either. I always wonder about that with writing sites. If wage workers are urged to talk compensation in specifics why not writers and the orgs which ostensibly support them? It should *not* be hidden knowledge what a columnist I like is getting of my $5/mo. Anyway I dumped Medium, for that & other reasons.

@polychrome @framasky *teleports behind you*
*enables reader mode*
heh... nothin personnel, kiddo

@framasky "To make $x work is such" a nothing phrase that i dunno how companies get away with that.

Logged user data makes keeps the server cabinet cool.

paywalled blog articles are a massive bruh moment

@framasky This is why I run a WordPress instance with NOTHING added.

(Okay, I have analytics, anti-spam, and one extra security measure installed.)

@framasky Ugh. Annoying as hell. Why does there need to be so much bullshit these days on website? And JavaScript everywhere? Bring back the plain old HTML sites.

@tapaniraja @framasky the capitalists are realising that you can't just openly make money by doing nothing and expect no backlash, so they go behind your back to do it instead.

@framasky I don't even understand the appeal in medium compared to say a free wordpress account ( not counting things like canalblog/over-blog)

@framasky Yes. I really would love more people to respect this, especially privacy-aware folks such as @elementary (who still mainly use medium as their primary communication platform...).

@framasky there is place to post another pop-up in the middle

@slartibartfast @framasky
So true.
I'm taking the habit of saving these articles to Pocket, and reading them on my ebook reader, which can be synced with Pocket.

Anyone knows a free (more free?) alternative than Pocket, that would be compatible with Kobo readers?

@framasky @slartibartfast Thanks! I had already heard of it, but didn't really check its compatibility with Kobo.
Just found something interesting to dig:

I'll try to have my own instance then 🙂


Do you have any idea why writers use medium rather than their personal website?

@tuxicoman @framasky I would guess it's for the "visibility" that medium brings and the "slaps" that reinforce your e-ego.

@tursiops Host your own blog. Or you can use a hosted wordpress. Whatever

@framasky I have a WordPress and fonts are Google I cannot disable that. That's not better. I just use do not track and other plug-ins so I don't have to worry. I like medium it has a lot of interesting article so I won't stop reading it for that reason

You can read on Medium all what you want, I just asked people to stop using Medium for blogging since it offers a horrible user experience for readers.


I wholly concur.

Check out ones if my earlier rants about those bozos... And for HackerNoon, it was really a big mess trying to extricate themselves from that cesspit.

As for the casual reader? First they troll bait you with some blogger's quality content. Then they shut you down with s LoginWall saying free signup will get you over more article read, then they smack you in the face with their PayWall.

you share an article with your friends? They ransom that article

@framasky not anything else. Don't put yourself in the same corner you just came from. Use free software to make your blog and always have data ownership: your domain, your content, in a format you can take somewhere else.

@framasky WordPress is wonderful this time of year

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