I’m currently rewriting ’s frontend from scratch (using the mockup on, so if a designer wants to contribute to a free software which is already used (not widely, but by a good number of users) and wants to take advantage of the fact that I’m redoing all the UI from scratch, I welcome goodwill with pleasure!

NB: I'm starting to work on the mockup, but I don't mind using a different design, not at all!

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If you don’t know what is, it’s a file transfer service where the files are encrypted client-side. It’s quite like Firefox send but in Perl and without the workforce of Mozilla 😅
You can try it on
The repository is on

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@framasky je l'ai utilisé pleins de fois sur framadrop :] ça m'a rendu bien des services. Merci!

@framasky perhaps @lgm or @mcpaccard (designer of mobizilon) could put you in touch with designers interested in libre projects. Lufi is a great and much needed project!

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