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What if youtube was like #Mastodon? Then it would be a #LBRY

Art in the Internet Age
An introduction to LBRY.

'...The digitization of art has added a lot of value to both content creators and consumers, reducing costs and increasing choice. This transition is still in its infancy. With LBRY, we’re going to make it a little more mature.

[....] At the highest level, LBRY does something extraordinarily simple. LBRY creates an association between a unique name and a piece of digital content, such as a movie, book, or game. This is similar to the domain name system that you are most likely using to access this very post...'

Luc Ⓐ🏴 @framasky

@jd What if youtube was like ? Then it would be Peertube ( 🙂

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