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: I created `Cloud Firewall` addon. Block connections to big 5 tech clouds based on IP address ranges they own. If a site/page/resource IP matches a bundled list of IP address ranges, it's blocked

It's not a hosts/filterlist type "ad tracker blocker".

It's "firewall" - looks at IP address of URL bar and 1p/3p resources.


Also listed on Awesome list.

Pics:🖥 📱

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, I created "Wayback Everywhere" addon : Auto-redirect all pages opened from feeds to their archived versions in Wayback Machine + Auto-save to WM if not yet archived. Has Updatable "Excludes List" + can also Auto-Exclude sites.

(Pic) my 11 month📱 stats

All features listed briefly : gitlab.com/gkrishnaks/WaybackE

Feedback/contributons welcome.

@humanetech also decided to add it to Awesome HT list! cc @privacylab

syfy.com, Phil Plait article, comparison image, accessibility - font weight and contrast 

New features in next Cloud Firewall update 

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My article on photorealistic light simulation with Radiance has been featured on #BlenderNation!


It describes workflows using #blender on how to do scientifically accurate renders. It also includes the world's first #opensource model repository for photometrically accurate model assets.

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Spiral galaxies generally have large quantities of dust and gas inside them. This allows for star formation in these galaxies. Some of the dust in M104 (shown) can be seen as a dust lane along the edge of the galaxy. #astrophoto

I mentioned it as one of the purposes of Cloud Firewall addon.. Yesterday GCP had a global outage. Many sites that are not in GCP but had some 3p resources there were impacted!
(See GCP outage map attached)

"If you are a website developer and have some resources like js/pics/videos hosted in Cloud providers AWS/Azure/GCP, use the addon for testing website behaviour for the "test scenario" case of where the whole Cloud goes down"


Cloud Firewall + Lightbeam experiment 

Cloud Firewall + Lightbeam experiment 

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I Shouldn't Have To Have Data Center Server Amounts Of RAM For A Web Browser

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I wrote a post on the difference between a software project's "Active User" and "User from Outside": bnolet.me/posts/2019/05/to-com

Don't be a stranger, help your local developer

My 'Wayback Everywhere' addon for chromium, I will have to either rewrite it for chromium or drop support for chromiums if Google proceeds with removing the webrequest API blocking mode.

Hope Firefox won't match this API removal, so it should continue to work fine in Firefox/variants. (Cloud Firewall also uses this webrequest API blocking mode)


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Yes, you can use LibreOffice inside a web browser! Learn about LibreOffice Online, the cloud-based version of the suite – where it came from, what improvements were made in 2018, and how you can deploy it on your infrastructure: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

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If you find yourself sitting in cars now and then, this might be interesting to you and help you prevent accidents.
So if you open a cars door from the inside, you open the door with the hand that's not next to the door. This means that you turn around you body which automatically turns your vision in the direction where other cars or bikes might come from.

I was taught this early on I believe, anyways this is the way I have always done it.

#dutchReach #bike

Cloud Firewall version is just a patch to bring jQuery.js and bootstrap.js to their latest versions. These 2 libraries are used in help, update info pages.
No other change in this version is there apart from this.

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In Cloud Firewall addon, I'm working on a new feature : "copy to clipboard all the cloud-hosted resource URLs in this page" button to popup menu.

The resource URLs will be copied in 2 formats : YAML, JSON.
YAML is more human-friendly.

Feedback needed : Is there any other human-friendly format I can provide?

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git-send-email.io/ is a nice-looking, instructive, thorough, yet concise guide to how to interact with a git-managed project that accepts patches via a mailing list rather than a web interface.

It's just five pages, but has everything required to get you contributing to git, Linux, Postgres ... and it includes its own sandbox project and mailing list for you try things out on.

/by @sir
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Ever wondered why Mastodon feels so laggy when you're trying to type a message?

This is the amount of JavaScript it runs on every keystroke.

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linux command line 

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Another great LibrePlanet talk, discussing the technologies that might help us decentralize our computing to the client. Or in business-speak "edge":


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