, I created "Wayback Everywhere" addon : Auto-redirect all pages opened from feeds to their archived versions in Wayback Machine + Auto-save to WM if not yet archived. Has Updatable "Excludes List" + can also Auto-Exclude sites.

(Pic) my 11 month📱 stats

All features listed briefly :

Feedback/contributons welcome.

@humanetech also decided to add it to Awesome HT list! cc @privacylab

@gkrishnaks @dartigen @humanetech @privacylab what's the idea behind this addon? why would one want to redirect as many pages as possible to the wayback machine?

@DJWalnut @privacylab @devurandom @humanetech @dartigen yes! An archivist asked me the "why/purpose" question requesting 2 paragraph prose answer after she read the readMe file in my repo. So I wrote this page to answer her question, pls take a minute to see this page and let me know your thoughts!

Also pls take a min to see the readme file for all features.It comes with ~800 sites in default excludes (to provide starting point), plus user can add/rm more as she wishes

@lynnesbian Welcome. Share feedback once you try it. Both desktop and Android Firefox are supported,I use it primarily in Android Firefox as I read links from feeds mostly in phone:)

A senior archivist asked me to write 2 paragraph "purpose/goals" of this project as she only saw features in, so I wrote this page -

(I intentionally chose not to speak about why/goals in listing/readme as I want to enable user to use it however she wishes based on features)

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