Mercurial Paris Conference 2022 edition will take place from the Wednesday 21th to the Friday 23th of September in Paris, Sorbonne University. 3 days of workshops, talks and sprint! Stay tune!
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Just changed my mind about what should go in 0.28, and will try and merge 14.5 after all, so that we have only one release candidate before Jan 22nd (EOL of 14.4)


Here is the way to join all the IRC channels on through a Matrix client like

With Matrix there is no need to worry about exposing IP addresses on IRC or needing to be online.

h/t: #IRC


#heptapod 0.20 has now reached its end of life, same as #gitlab 13.9

#heptapod runner 0.4.0 released, based on #gitlab runner 13.3.2, featuring many more OS & architecture options: Fully tested for #linux amd64/arm64 and #windows amd64. Quickly tested for #MacOSX amd64/arm64. Please help us testing the other ones! #ci #mercurial

Présentation du vendredi #5mintalk #logilabcafé :

🗣️ @bram nous a présenté l'extension #mercurial #hg format-source écrite par @marmoute pour faciliter le passage à black sur nos projets python, rebase & merge facilités 🤩

#python #qa #integration #dvcs

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