cursed item
Bluebird of Sadness.
This little amulet is a lapis lazuli stone carved as a small flying bird. It is magical and can be detected as such. Study (spell or other) will tell its user it is a Bird of Knowledge. Attune to it to gain a bird’s view of (…)


(…) the zeitgeist of where you are. This is true: the PC will get useless trivia about unnamed unknown people in a 100km radius. The item cannot be removed or unattuned (apart from a curse removal). (…)

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(…) The bearer will want to tap the zeitgeist every short rest and be a little more sad each time. All HP gains that the PC gets during a short rest, whatever the source, is -1d4 (minimum 0) due to the sad news they can’t stop wanting more of.


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