Yesterday, for the Grand Finale of my Deadlands campaign, we had to postpone again. The said day, only 2 of the 4 players were available and only one was available for a one shot of « something else ».
Ran the beginning of the magnificent Fortunes Lost for L5R v1 . As excellent as always.

cursed item
Bluebird of Sadness.
This little amulet is a lapis lazuli stone carved as a small flying bird. It is magical and can be detected as such. Study (spell or other) will tell its user it is a Bird of Knowledge. Attune to it to gain a bird’s view of (…)

Drawing for a were you play 14th century nuns. Upcoming game by Cédric Ferrand

Blade Runner (which is my favorite movie), like Dune, is not a good universe. It is very limited in possiblities in the sens that the GM has to create everything, incl. new problematics, to go beyond scenarios that are reiteration of the original material.
BR for instance devours its children in the sense that it limits everything: Tyrell is dead, N6 are forbidden on Earth, and not much is said beyond BR hunts Replicant.

The Bonds mechanism in Delta Green is an excellent addition to any of your Cthulhoid games.
Your PC has people that are important to them. He will interact with them to prevent his own sanity to go down the drain but that will strain the relationship (e.g. the PC can lose his spouse and never see his kids again).

Most systems of that are %-based really use a d20 or a d10 disguised as a d%. It all depends on how much the players care about a variation of 1-4% of the tested variable, and then 1-9%.
For instance, in the new Delta Green, you create the PC distributing % points by 10s. In other CoC games, you don’t really care for less than 5%.

So I all. I am a French GM. I have written a few successful supplements to games created by other people :
- Héros & Dragons/Role’n Play : Boîte d’Initiation (5e based starter set for self initiation, Roliste TV award 2019 of best starter set)
- wastburg : Sous Les Pavés La Fange, Je Suis Karly, Wastburg v2 (part of it), Les Risques du Métier (1 scenario)
- Chez Marcel, a personal game of storytelling in the past tense with its 421-based system
- Technoir in French


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