Nice just found out that also works with time marks like &t=60 at the end of the URL

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@guido This is great 👍 because it allows to direct people to relevant video-imarted information while not exposing them to the youtube-specific distraction risk. Example:

@fsfwdresden @guido
Is it a problem on my PC or is invidious currently not showing comments?

Comments seem to work for me. The video @fsfwdresden linked to shows 5.

@guido yeah sometimes it works for me too. But than again I don't see any comments. I usually use Maby it has something to do with this instance...
But in terms of loading speed and video availability it works best for me.

@techware @guido Speaking of strange problems: If I click on the link above I now get

Could not extract video info. Instance is likely blocked.

BTW: It would be nice if there was something like "about invidious" in the footer of the page. It took me a while to find a description here


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