@ansol will celebrate its 20th anniversary on Oct 9:

Also shown on @fsfe's event page: fsfe.org/events/events as @kirschner will give a talk at the onlline event.

@Framasoft just nudged me for a donation. Did just that a minute ago. I should have done it way earlier, considering that I have an account on this instance for more thant 2 years and I really like everything else they do.

It's not only , it's a LOT:

merci pour tous les efforts !

Hello fellow Europeans in the :

Do you know about any organisations promoting , , to educational instiutions/public administrations?

Are you aware of any educational institutions already using FS?

Do you know about any other related activities in your country?

Asking for a friend @egnun

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's newsletter is out. One of the headlines:

France education minister rejects calls for more open source in schools: joinup.ec.europa.eu/news/encou

Guido Arnold recommande :


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