@xvilo @howtommy ya maybe it's time to switch to a browser that sucks less

I used chrome for ages but I'm on the firefox train now and Im loving it

@yams_gamgee @howtommy Chrome is Blink, not WebKit anymore.
And it has been for so much years that it is different enough to be considered an alternative.
Specially as Mozilla should stop their bullshit.

@howtommy@framapiaf.org i would if it didnt have so many issues that never get fixed

@howtommy@framapiaf.org and use gopher, whenever you can
Web has become too ginormous of specification for new competitive alternative web engine atm

@howtommy No, Google are one of the main companies financing Firefox's development, which in itself has been found quietly sending data to Google Analytics regardless of any user settings.

That's not to mention all the suspect stuff Firefox has been doing in the last handful of years, data gathering, installing DRM and addons without user permission.

It's no better than any of the other incredibly shit browser choices out there right now and it's already in Google's control.

@purplehippo @howtommy
While google's control and user-hostile behaviours are a problem (and you correctly noticed that using Firefox won't help with this issue), there's another issue: monoculture of browser engines.
We don't quite have it yet, because there are two browser engines (though it'd be good if there were more). But if we let Firefox die, then there will only one web engine, and it will be Chromium.

Why is the Internet Explorer logo the only one in good quality? Doesn't make sense

@howtommy firefox is crap as it is. Use abrowser/icecat etc

@howtommy And how do we prevent Mozilla Corporation from controlling all browsers code then?

@howtommy @kinux I dont use another webbrowser since the death of netscape

@howtommy Chromium supports embedding, which means that pretty much the entire ecosystem of alternative browsers is Chromium variants. Unless Mozilla decides to change their policy on supporting embedded, Firefox is pretty much a software dead end.

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