OpenBSD Router Guide

In this guide we're going to take a look at how we can use cheap and "low end" hardware to build an amazing OpenBSD router with firewalling capabilities, segmented local area networks, #DNS with domain blocking, #DHCP and more. We will use a setup in which the #router segments the local area #network ( LAN ) into three separate #networks, one for the grown-ups in the house, one for the children, and one for public facing #servers, such as a private web #server or mail server. We will also look at how we can use DNS to block out ads, porn, and other websites on the Internet.


@socat @hucste The weak spot is really fast wifi AP right now. I bridge an openwrt wifi ac AP with my #openbsd router to get things going

@jaj @hucste Hello Joachin. Yes that's right, thanks. Merci Stéphane pour vos articles.


Are you the author about the article "OpenBSD as router" on unixsheikh?

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@hucste No, i'm not the author of this interesting article. I have an old Netgear too so .. i can't help you ;) We should ask the OpenWRT communauty.

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