RFC 9250: DNS over Dedicated QUIC Connections

Ce nouveau #RFC complète la série des mécanismes de protection cryptographique du DNS. Après DoT et DoH, voici #DoQ, #DNS sur #QUIC. On notera que bien que QUIC ait été conçu essentiellement pour les besoins de HTTP, c'est le DNS qui a été la première application normalisée de QUIC.


To the people who think that a GUI tool for installing packages on OpenBSD is not useful because there are commands : “shut up and hack!”

We were all newbies before and it’s always a good thing to open a project to newbies ! #openbsd

I switched from the Creative WT-2 to the newer WT-3 version. Besides being USB-C, it's is way faster in finding my Bluetooth hardware and never loses connection. So, a good investment to connect my #OpenBSD laptop to my wireless headphones and speakers.

I committed a change to the #OpenBSD kernel related to CPU frequency scaling.

Most laptop users will benefit from a better battery life (estimated like +15% to +30% from my experience).

Explanations in the commit message: marc.info/?l=openbsd-cvs&m=165

It should be available in one or two days in the snapshots, but you can build your up to date kernel now if you know how (or follow instructions, it's easy man.openbsd.org/release#2._Bui )

A patch which adds support for Intel AX210/AX211 #wifi devices is now available for testing on the #OpenBSD tech@ mailing list:


Demo of a new OpenBSD GUI package manager 

I'm writing a GUI package manager for #OpenBSD on top of pkg_tools

I chose #Godot as a framework because it let me do exactly what I want, it just works, and it's not painful to write, + it's super fast on my T400 (Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz)

Currently, you can search packages using their name and comment, and there is a switch to add DESCR to the search, you can also mark packages for install and install them.

I need to figure how to associate installed packages to the list of available packages, that will permit to show installed packages and deselect them for removal.

There is another limitation right now, a package with flavors or various versions is displayed multiple time under its package name (like the dozen of vim are all seen as "vim").

The program is using a json file as input data, generated from sqlports and a python script looking for packages names, description, comment and some logic to determine if a package is a GUI program or a console program (by looking for librairies like GTK,GL,SDL,curses etc..).

It's impressive how Godot is effective, it took me less than 2 hours to do all of this.

Since I write my blog posts in the gemtext format (before HTML conversion), I find them more readable. No inline links avoid hidden links within a text.

Gemtext is the format of the Gemini protocol, like HTML is the format for http protocol.

What is the #Gemini protocol? Here is a good explanation and introduction geminiquickst.art/

Follow-up for the #OpenBSD 7.1 errata issue.

Instructions are here, and a new #001 syspatch is available: openbsd.org/errata71.html


Un nouvel errata #OpenBSD a été diffusé openbsd.org/errata71.html

Si vous aviez installé le précédent pour 7.1, celui-ci était buggé et il faut saisir une commande simple (fournie sur la page web errata71) pour réparer syspatch.

[Stéphane HUC :: IT Log] nous offre un article à-propos de l'installation du serveur V'Ger sur OpenBSD pour délivrer du contenu sur le protocole Gemini :


Grâce au travail de traduction de @hucste le numéro 9 du webzine #OpenBSD est disponible en français !


@bortzmeyer C'est Secure Boot qui doit surtout te poser des problèmes, non ?!
Parce que l'UEFI ne devrait pas en poser…
Parce que si l'install de LM pose soucis, j'ose même pas imaginer d'autres distribs plus "historiques" :D

#introductions hello!

My name is Solène (pronouns she/her). I like learning stuff and sharing knowledge with others.

I have hobbies like hacking on OpenBSD :flan_hacker: Writing some code (Common Lisp, Perl, C, Shell) and having fun with command line. I spend a lot of time and energy advocating libre software and self hosting. I also ride a recumbent trike because it's super fun.

I'm also a gamer, sometimes publishing video games recording done on and with OpenBSD videos.pair2jeux.tube/c/openbs

While I can't say I'm a minimalist person, it could be said I'm a degrowth person, enjoying what's near me instead of travelling far far away, not buying too much things. This philosophy rejoined with my libre software love, it's important to me to keep computers working the longest possible and being the most efficient we can.

À noter :
- httpd : mention de l'ajout du support des fichiers précompressés.gz (ty @prx)
- VMM : le support de switch(4) a été retiré. Est-ce que cela a un impact dans la configuration et l'usage de l'option switch ?
- OpenSSH 9.0 avec la gestion de nouveaux algorythmes à courbes elliptiques, pour les algo Kex :
sntrup761x25519-sha512@openssh.com hybrid ECDH/x25519 + Streamlined NTRU Prime post-quantum KEX
(cette dernière est liée à l'IT quantique) ; et une meilleure gestion FIDO.

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