🚀 Hey hackers !

I am starting to write a book (fr+en) to learn the language in a "Test Driven Learning" style (big fan of TDD here haha)

The "hello world" step is written so you can have a glimpse of the experiment ! ⚗️

Hack for good ! 🤗 🖖

⚠️ Work in progress

@jeko je teste le hello world et je te fais un feedback dès que je rallume ma machine 🙏


Starting things off by defining a module and applying test operations on it is a really cool and different idea.

I just skimmed the article, but I really appreciate your work!!

Ça a l'air cool :)

En lisant, je vois que tu utilises le masculin pour REPL, il y a une raison particulière ? Il faudrait vérifier mais je crois que j'ai utilisé le féminin dans la doc de guix, parce que c'est *une* boucle lecture-évaluation-affichage (BLEA ?)

Yo! J'ai pas de raison particulière. Mon biais de français hehe je ne saurai pas trop où aller vérifier ça mais je suis OK pour faire la modification

@jeko I've just finished writing my first program + test code in GNU Guile (a language born the same year as I 👶 ).

Overall the 1st chapter of this book was very clear and I felt quite happy learning the basics of TDD (a new paradigm for me)

Both 🇫🇷 and 🇬🇧 version were legible, simple yet instructive.

The only questions remaining for me after my firsts steps into Guile are as follow:

@jeko (questions❓ remarks 💅)

* what "real life" example case could help me understand how is Guile used in 2020 ? This is the kind of incentive that can really drive you to learn a new tool (even with the wikipedia page I struggle to understand what else you could program than emacs extensions)

* ( :vegan: im) obligatory vim user comment: I understood while reading GNU Guile page on wiki why you proposed using emacs in your book but you might want to give a little bit of backround here !


@crip Thank you very much, this is a valuable feedback !

* I started to learn Guile because it is a GNU project and a dialect of Lisp (wanted to try this brackets mess before I die haha)
I know few examples to show Guile capabilities :
But I could do some research to add some in an introductory goal

* I planned to add a demo with some gif of what I like when using Emacs. With vim, you must use at least paredit.vim (guile is the reason I started to use emacs)

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