Hey Schemers,👋

To a total beginner in who likes to read books, which one do you recommend first to get started :

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I'm voting the Little Schemer. The brevity and fast-paced nature of the book helped me grasp a lot of the primitives when I was starting out.

It's a cute read and a good intro, but in no way a replacement for SICP. If you can read both, read both, but if you had to have just one, read SICP!

@jeko How To Design Programs is very good too, depending on existing experience could be too beginnery

@technomancy I think HtDP could be fine also ! Thank you for bringing it in 🤗

@jeko TSPL

Great book, very practical programming, not theory, uses Chez Scheme which I think is the best runtime.

@jeko I accidentally voted for SICP instead of The Little Schemer, so allow me to elaborate: I did not get very far in either, but I got further in The Little Schemer. I remember finding The Little Schemer more accessible, with simpler examples and focus on the basic concepts, which has made them easier to grasp. I would describe it as perhaps more elementary, but certainly gentler.

@tirifto Thank you for the details. My reading experience is very similar. 😉

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