Here is a demo of my srfi-64 test runner to ease TDD practice !


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⬇️ If you want to give it a try : ⬇️

Tell me how it goes ! What would you add/change ?

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@jeko this is great! I'd love a bit of extra syntax over srfi-64 to get rid of the test-begin/test-end stuff. feels very... unschemey, to me.

I can try to work on that. Do you have something in mind you would like to see ?

@jeko I don't have any well formed ideas since it's been quite awhile since I last looked at srfi-64, but the begin/end stuff is weird because in Scheme you would normally wrap a whole group of expressions in a with-foo form or something.

Alright I get it (I haven't forged my Scheme mind yet so any hints from experienced Schemers are welcome!) 😉
Thanks !

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