Not so long ago, contributing to a project such as was something I was just considering.

Nowadays, once a week, I remote pair program with an experienced Guix hacker in order to fix bugs and improve the code base.
I learn about the project's practices, processes, tools, ...

I am so grateful to have this learning opportunity !

If you want details about how we do it, please ask to me all your questions ! ❤️

@jeko pretty basic question: I assume you're screen sharing, you take turns "driving", and you each write code on your own machines. If that's all correct, then what do you do to switch off between "navigator" and "driver" roles to keep context and keep in sync?

Actually it's more than screen sharing.
We both do :
- SSH to the same machine
- open an Emacs client on top the same daemon
- enable lockstep.el

@jeko I'm surprised. Is that widespread in the project or just something you and the other dev set up? Would think you'd have different preferred editors or at least key bindings

That's not widespread at all. Still a (buggy) personnal project to share coding practices while coding with other hackers.
My Guile editor if choice is Emacs. Of course we have to use a common conf. But it's an opportunity to discover new things as well (just the time of the pairing) !

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