@omgubuntu what's interesting is that it will boost PopOS development hopefully and not "limit" it to System76's machines (as they plan to reinvent it from scratch, right?).

Looking for nice to get work done? Check out Japanese (I wrote a book only listening to it). A nice playlist to start with on Spotify > open.spotify.com/playlist/6fhp

@omgubuntu so cool, I am currently looking for one right now to use with a newly bought Wacom tablet. 👌

Though I'm not a fan of Jobs, he was mostly right about consulting companies > youtu.be/-c4CNB80SRc

Ubuntu Developers Summit to be held again! The last I went to was in 2012 Copenhagen for the release of Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail. Now in Prague. Pretty much excited 😊 (And Praha Je Krásná) via @omgubuntu

@omgubuntu Thanks for this again-interesting article. Btw PopOS and System76 have just joined Mastodon. Times are really changing 🙂

Hey there Fediverse video fans!

The European Union has just set up its own official #PeerTube instance at:


Here are some of the video accounts you can follow:

EU Data Protection Supervisor at @edps

EU Space Programme at @euspa

EU Fundamental Rights Agency at @fra

EU Translation Centre at @cdt

Here's one of the videos by the EU Space Programme about climate change in the arctic:


#EU #EuropeanUnion

@pop_os_official Will have to install it again and let you know. But the fact that it is based on Gnome 3.3x is already a good point.

@Mozilla hâte de voir la prochaine mouture. Quelques souris sur @kdefr pour attacher des pièces jointes autres que des images en glisser-déposer, mais ça va 😉

Plus anciens

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