Let's make a colour together! <3



@jz beware that using is not enough to specify a color:
> A "" is an abstract mathematical model describing the way can be represented as tuples of numbers (e.g. triples in or quadruples in ); however, a with no associated to an absolute is a more or less arbitrary color system with no connection to any globally understood system of color interpretation.

@julm Thank you! I was waiting to see how long before the first colour nerd would bring that up! ;) I am NOT disappointed! ;)))

Which colour space do you suggest to use? a non-proprietary one? What would be your suggested recipe to turn %ages into values?

@jz I'm no expert, but AFAIK it depends on where you want to put that color. The is standardized and widely supported by monitors (though some may not actually meet that standard, or need to be color calibrated). The percentages' accuracy may overflow the accuracy of the widely supported (8-bit/channel) but that accuracy overflows the human eye's anyway. Whose perception depends on the on top of that. But again, I'm no expert.

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