Hello! inventaire.io is a #libre social network to do the inventory of yours books, and share them with your friends and communities! It is developed by @maxlath and @jums and with the help of many contributors! Since last week, our authors pages link to #mastodon! (ex: inventaire.io/entity/wd:Q24939 ) #Libre projects should support each others, right? :)
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@maxlath @jums @inventaire
huray, finaly :)

...but on the frontpage you're still promoting fb and twitter over opensource federated networks

@paulfree14 @jums @inventaire give us a minute will you, we needed to create the account before linking to it :p
it's updated in the wiki wiki.inventaire.io/wiki/Commun it will be updated on the homepage soon

@jums @inventaire @maxlath
you've been one of many (as I remember) I tried to encorage, but failed.
But you are also the only one developing a plattform who now changed their decision between the time I spoke the first time about it, and now.

So I'm wondering what it was, and maybe it's something I can use for my future 'marketing activities' when tryn to drag ppl into libre plattforms.

@paulfree14 @jums @inventaire for me it wasn't worth the effort to open and start to manage several accounts before knowing if #mastodon was here to stay: I'm happy to see that, despite it not being the big overnight revolution ;), it's now a well established social network that allows us to the very same people who might be interested by contributing to #inventaireio. But, I'm afraid, we are far from being able to close our fb/twitter accounts

@jums @inventaire @maxlath
from what I can judge the way you use twitter and fb it's not promoting inventaire much. It seem to be more a support channel, right?

If it's mainly for that I can't see the argument why it would be difficult to stop that, and choose other channels that are as user friendly as tw or fb.

@paulfree14 @jums @inventaire being present there for support and news is a form of promotion


@maxlath @paulfree14 @inventaire Proprietary platforms should be used for what they are : a helper to reach other humans. Necessary to not interact only with your own kind. Then and only then you have fun coding free software. Because you know you reach, you can confront. Especially not with your best friend. They try, give feedback, and inventaire evolves by staying strong on promoting open knowledge, libre software & the rights to personal data and privacy.

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