Another orc but more "realistic" this time.

I had this mini for a long time before I decided to paint it and I can't remembrer where it comes from. It could be an orc of Mordor from Game Workshop, but I'm not sure. If someone can pinpoint its origin, please let me know.

In the deep caves under Maethelburg lurk the Gouris. Living very poorly on an island in the midst of a subterranean lake, they will defend their home fiercely if threatened.

New year's eve, from the top of the roof of the very rich Lhûn embassy in Maethelburg, an ominous and menacing shape tears the night sky with a deep, deafening, roar...

This is also a very (very) humble hommage to the amazing work of Eugène Viollet-le-Duc.

From the famous master armorer of Maethelburg, Amnon Anakis, here is the so called Anak Dagger. With this especially intricate guard, designed to catch or break the opponent's blade, those weapons are often used as left-hands and, sometimes, are even enchanted by the master himself...

Taking off Mos Eisley Spaceport, the adventurers drop a few shots at their counterparts, the Vangar scumbags, to slow them down by damaging their ship. After that, their future dealings will be quite sour...

First try with a sci-fi theme : I've never been so out of my confort zone :-)

In the depths of the old forest, a strange guardian awoke, called by a deep old voice and armed with a pick...

At the outskirts of the small mountain village of Glavion, Mérédine, the young war nun of Koshar, is put under huge pressure by a strangely aggressive wolf pack...

« In the first days of the North Kingdom, they built a great watch-tower on Weathertop, Amon Sûl they called it. It was burned and broken, and nothing remains of it now but a tumbled ring, like a rough crown on the old hill's head. Yet once it was tall and fair. » - Strider, The Lord of the Rings, Book 1, Chapter 11.

When he last leveled up, the noble knight Roderick Thorsten got a squire. In Anastasia of Malroch, the darling daughter of the sinister Count Alexis Karloff of Malroch, Roderick unknowingly discovered his greatest fan, a very capable squire and even a quite competent fighter !

In the deepest of a Dwarf necropolis, do not explore wayward corridors in search for undeserved treasures...

Here is a very humble tribute to A Song of Ice and Fire.

This is very fast sketch with those new pen brushes from Faber Casteel. The experience is not what I expected, I'm slightly disappointed. There is still so much to learn ! ^_ ^

Lila of Maethelburg and her young sister Madga right after the dramatic new year's events at the duke's castle. A kind of love knot isn't it ?

(and thank you, thank you so much to Linda @LadyIcepaw for giving the desire to draw something that is so different from my usual fighting-fantasy stuff)

My very first shot at Vingilótë, the ship sailed to Aman by the great mariner Eärendil and Elwing from the First Age of Arda in Tolkien's mythology. I know this is a bermudian ship, but I thought you needed a fairly efficient rigging to sail the treacherous seas and contrary winds protecting the blessed lands.

Kreppa is an old lady with strange habits indeed. Could this be a suit for someone else ?

La grande reine-guerrière Ashara porte curieusement un collier de cristaux mauves au dessus de son gambison lorsqu'elle doit manipuler son étrange épée noire...


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