@xahlee Most of the content on ocaml.org is not official, i.e. not maintained by the maintainers of the language. It is a community effort. And definitely not the most active one. The only official resource is the manual caml.inria.fr/pub/docs/manual-

@khady i see. thanks.
who owns and run the site?

i think that guy suffers from nerd problems. either superiority complex, or social atrophy.

i interacted with that guy some 15 years ago.


@xahlee there were a few people with the commit rights at the beginning. But they are not "the authors". Most of the content has been imported from existing (and so old) resources. Today it is mostly inactive. There is another effort at ocamlverse.github.io/ from different people.

@khady they should fix it. the ocaml.org is how the world see them. they should know that...

@xahlee well, if you know people who have time and willing to do it, they are welcome. As usual, lacking work force and web developers to make it great again 🤷‍♂️

@khady no, that line of thinking is the problem. In my opinion. It is the very thing am ranting against in my original article.

if the ocaml guy or team wants the lang to grow, stop the world, fix the site.

anyway, just random rant. I don't have a stake in it. But if they fixed the site 10 years ago, i might have done stuff and helped spread ocaml.

what's your role in ocaml? if you really cared, as if it's your business, i think you'd agree. fix the site.

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