I am looking for a reliable #PeerTube instance for the @fsfe. Enough space for our videos (reasonable daily or high overall limit) , HTTP import, no #nsfw content, servers and operator within the EU.

Can you help me? joinpeertube.org isn't really helpful in this regard...

@mxmehl Can't you guys create an instance of your own? Just curious.


@josemanuel @fsfe We could in principle, but we also love to join existing communities. Aside from that, our sysadmin volunteers are a bit overloaded at the moment to kick off yet another service wiki.fsfe.org/TechDocs/Service



@josemanuel @fsfe

Hi, I am a sysAdmin, I would like to help but I don't have the infrastucture to host your vidéo. How can i joint your sysAdmin team (as a volonter of course) ? Do you have some spare space ans compute ressources to host a peertube instance ?

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