Cool, a page that lists how compatible apps are with #degoogled #Android devices: with or without #microg.

𝘛𝘪𝘱: Contribute your own data if you see a missing app! @microg


This is cool and should come with f-droid!

@laivsalocin do make an issue and propose an implementation if you think so.

However I guess the main use case are Play Store apps, F-Droid apps are usually compatible.

1- is coming naturally out of any android phone, and insidiously you. 99.9% of the users aren't aware, don't see it, don't know how to protect themself. Then, if they know the alternative exists, it is difficult, risky, and you don't know how you will be able to obtain the same result of your phone: what I mean is, today's phone aren't just phoning, but also a way of payment, a messaging tool, gaming....
As an example, I was stressed by the fact my app ...

2- .... Wouldn't be working or that a regular payment app neither.
Now if you think at all the difficulties I listed first, and if your scope is not only protecting your own but also to give the opportunity to other people to do so, because this will create an easier environment of regular privacy, then, you have to grant users of the information they need to switch to an solution.
Now, my idea was to implement an app, based on and ...

3- in that would give the opportunity to insert directly from your phone if a based app is working in your environment with or without . That would be much more easy to have much more information about much more apps.

As a result, you would divulgate the information to regular users who want to switch.

As a 3rd step, for all based app, you could indicate a alternative.

I hope I clarify my first post!

@laivsalocin Yes that makes a lot oft sense. An app Frontend for that website would indeed be nice.

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