A small victory: An hour after we sent a cease & desist letter to #Gab's legal team on Oct 21 regarding their failure to publish up-to-date source code in compliance with Mastodon's AGPLv3 license, they have uploaded a new version.

That is not all that we demanded in the letter, but it is nevertheless a victory in upholding the AGPLv3 license of our project, and a signal to those who doubt that we are willing to show teeth to those who ignore it.

More context: blog.joinmastodon.org/2019/07/


It's not clear : they updated what ?
And why does update the thing make it AGPL-compliant ?


From the updated linked post :

In response to the letter, the same day the password-protected archive of Gab’s source code was updated.


OK, but if it is password-protected how is it readable to the users ?

The post say "the password provided in a separate README file" and another reply to this thread stated that password is the same.

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