@debian Please fix this on your news page. There, the latest news were published on 18th June, 2017:


However, the CD images from the 2019 version can be downloaded directly here:


@mlaunois The page debian.org/ports/hurd/hurd-new shows the latest news, translations will be updated soon (or a warning will be shown). It may also be a browser cache issue, could you reload? If problem persists please contact debian-www@lists.debian.org with the details. Thanks!

@debian It now works! This was because the French translation was loaded on my browser. I'm able to see the correct news article ("Debian GNU/Hurd 2019 released!", July 7th, 2019) when switching to the English version. Thanks! 😀


Wait wassn't this suppose to happen after Sid is released as stable?
Good work guy!!! You did it!

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