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Goodbye Google Analytics


As part of a larger post on the data middlemen that most don't even think twice about, and how it relates to your privacy online.

#FOSS #privacy #analytics

's requirement for a number is not nice if you're so privacy aware that you a) don't share your number or b) don't even own a mobile phone. Quite ironic, given that the software's Unique Selling Point is privacy+usability!

Please, Signal, alternative IDs like email or even freetext!


I think these partnerships of are not a good thing. They destroy a major argument for using apps with .

Now people on , and other apps get the feeling they have true end-to-end encryption, while the apps are not transparent and prone to backdoors. Harder to convince them to switch away if they think their programs have good .

Hang on – it's not the definitive end of it, just a step in the right direction.

There's another vote in September: see @jz 's message: mamot.fr/@jz/10032162078663969

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@midgard It means that a small number of negociators won't decide the fate of the copyright directive, according to the wish of the copyright talibans, bypassing a vote in plenary.

It means that there will be a vote in plenary (in september) in which amendments can modify or remove article13 altogether. Had the mandate be adopted, this would have become very difficult if not impossible...

So it's a minor step opening the perspective for a new fight (plenary in September) to fix this mess.

The European Parliament just voted on the copyright directive… and rejected! Yes! 🇪🇺

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This morning we reached 42%, now we've just raised over the 50% bar! Y'all are wonderful! \o/
Keep sharing and talking about : together, we have 15 days left to make it happen!

@Framasoft Ces noti sont assez embêtantes … J'ai peur que ça repousse des gens. En attendant le support de fermer les annonces, vous ne pouviez pas les supprimer ou les remplacer avec une seule notification brève qui contient un lien ? Comme « avis aux utilisateurs de mirroir GitHub et de Framagit Pages / announcement to GitHub mirror and Framagit pages users ».


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