💡 📺 Android YouTube tip 

NewPipe is one of my favourite Android apps. Great client to leech off of Youtube. Plays in the background, audio only, no account needed, local playlists, etc (it also works with Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and PeerTube)

Install through FDroid using their own repository for faster updates:
newpipe.net/#download (slide right for the repo to add to FDroid)

Now, when someone sends you a YouTube link it still opens in the YT app by default and plays like 7 ads. To remove this go to Settings > Opening Links (Android 12)

1. Find YouTube in the app list and disable "Open supported links"
2. Find NewPipe in the app list and enable all the link types you want (esp. all the various youtube URLS youtu[dot]be, m[dot]youtube[dot]com, etc)
3. Now all YouTube links open in NewPipe!

#android #NewPipe #lifehack


@air_pump thanks for the fdroid and android tips. I'm a heavy user of newpipe and that's going to change my life 😅

@mleduc 👍 best app.
I was so happy when I found out about links today. Next step is to completely remove the YT app though ADB or something

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