@yunohost I must be honest, not a one-click migration. But, still an awesome and impressive work you did there, thanks for everything you do!

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RT @fbocquet@twitter.com

@framaka@twitter.com @audranlebaron@twitter.com @Edu_Num@twitter.com Pour aider à ne pas partir d’une feuille blanche : rechercher sur archive.org le site planete.sankore.org. Un entrepôt de structuré utilisant @XWiki@twitter.com et developpé avec @ldubost@twitter.com dans le cadre du projet dirigé par @albertclaude1@twitter.com remis au MEN en 2014

🐦🔗: twitter.com/fbocquet/status/15

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We shipped quite a few improvements to fediverse.info!

✨ Popular + Trending + Recent topics

⚡ Call to action for easier submissions

✨ Secure mode supported (signed requests)

⚡ Improved profile resolution w/ webfinger support

✨ New projects added, and pleroma added to feature table on landing page

What else would you like to see? #fediverseInfo

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"Crossing the Mist", a quick #PixelArt sketch made using @davidrevoy 's voted color, #5b7376 !

This general idea jumped into my head immediately when I saw the prompt, and it was a lot of fun to make. I've been busy, so sitting down to make another landscape was a real treat!

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If this uploads it will be a mini-miracle.

Opened #GIMP to play with the colour everyone voted on (#5b7376) and played around with a complementary colour and realised I made a nice sunset and so had to make something with it.

Calling it #Epicyon: Bone Crushing Instance for #I2P.

Cheers @davidrevoy for the poll and 'interactive art' idea!

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The #5b7376 challenge seemed like a perfect way to break away from my usual palette! 30 min study, photo ref from unsplash

#MastoArt #DigitalArt #FediArt

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J'apprends la notion de « mécénat de compétences », où une grosse boîte envoie un salarié à plein temps pour « aider ». J'ai découvert cela quand j'ai demandé pourquoi [grosse association] a toute son infra sur Microsoft. Parce que
Microsoft a envoyé gratuitement un cadre pour déployer Microsoft 365 partout dans l'association.

Comme disait Cassandre, « méfie-toi des cadeaux des Grecs ».

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Good Morning!

Wow, over 200 people have joined the fediverse.info/explore/people directory since it launched a day ago 🥳 #fediverseInfo #fedi22

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Hi #fediverse are you looking for a way to manage your #bookmarks? Check out a web based #opensource bookmarking server called #Espial

You can download the latest version of this
#foss project at:

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We are looking for new colleagues to join our growing team. If you're passionate about working in and contributing to Open Source, XWiki might just be the right fit for you.

Check out our current openings to find your place within our team: xwiki.com/en/company/jobs

@air_pump thanks for the fdroid and android tips. I'm a heavy user of newpipe and that's going to change my life 😅

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💡 📺 Android YouTube tip 

NewPipe is one of my favourite Android apps. Great client to leech off of Youtube. Plays in the background, audio only, no account needed, local playlists, etc (it also works with Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and PeerTube)

Install through FDroid using their own repository for faster updates:
newpipe.net/#download (slide right for the repo to add to FDroid)

Now, when someone sends you a YouTube link it still opens in the YT app by default and plays like 7 ads. To remove this go to Settings > Opening Links (Android 12)

1. Find YouTube in the app list and disable "Open supported links"
2. Find NewPipe in the app list and enable all the link types you want (esp. all the various youtube URLS youtu[dot]be, m[dot]youtube[dot]com, etc)
3. Now all YouTube links open in NewPipe!

#android #NewPipe #lifehack

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[#OuvrezLÉlysée] Usul. Faut-il stigmatiser l’électorat du RN?

Depuis le 21 avril 2002, la gauche et la droite sont confrontées au problème de la montée presque continue du vote pour l’extrême droite.


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