Mobilizon. Your events. Your groups. Your data.

Go behind the scenes of the design of , our new tool to free your groups and events from Facebook.

(illus CC-By @davidrevoy)

@hypolite Do you think this could be somehow integrated with Friendica, like a solid event scheduler addon?
@hypolite @tio You can already create events and share them with a specific group of people. However we don't have a solid group concept.
@hypolite Yup I know that and I love it and use it ;). I was wondering if that could be replaced with this advanced one, as an addon. if it is even possible.
@hypolite @tio I don't think so. At best we may be able to create a connector to import subscribed Mobilizon events in your Friendica calendar and posts from your subscribed groups in your feed if there's an API, but I'm not sure we'll be able to interact the other way (Friendica -> Mobilizon) like browse groups or publish messages and events to groups.
@hypolite I understand. Thanks for the explanation. 😉

@mobilizon Nice initiative but one can't help but feel Facebook will shut it down due to "security" (lie) concerns

@mobilizon @davidrevoy

Is it the first #fediverse service for groups and events?
Can I „follow“ a group/event?
I would like to have ONE fediverse account to use all features.

@mobilizon @davidrevoy I can't.
But I assume the answer is 3 times no.
#mobilizon looks good, I will try it.
About integration in the #fediverse: it just starts, we will see, I will try to motivate and help.

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