First Mobilizon updates: group registrations, Docker, new translations... and the first bug fixes!
Illus cc-by @davidrevoy

@mobilizon Congratulations!

I've just a few days ago set-up a Mobilizon instance using Docker and your documentation to do so. The documentation is easy to follow and I had my instance up in a short time, without any major hassles... 😄

I'd like to allow users to sign up / login with Facebook but looking at your documentation I am unsure on how to do so in with a docker set-up.
Is there any documentation on how to customize Mobilizon running in docker?

@MarvinTheRobot @mobilizon Hi,
As of now it's not possible to handle advanced configuration with Docker (well, only if you change it from inside the container).

Will try to improve this soon. People have suggested a Docker volume for Elixir config files, maybe it's doable with regular environment variables as well.

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