Today I'm putting online a demo for my comics cutter, Kumiko :blobreach: 📘
The idea is to enable reading a comic book panel-by-panel rather than page-by-page, for better readability especially on mobile.
The demo with examples:
The project:

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@nicooo Neat. It fails a little when comic borders overlap horizontally or vertically somewhat, e.g. gets chopped into two panels instead of four. Same issue with

Also, I've no idea what this one's doing:

And it doesn't cope with background noise (e.g.; perhaps a preprocessing step could fix that? That's the only thing on this list I can actually see how to improve.

(These are all evil examples.)

Hey there,
Thanks a lot for testing it out and providing evil examples! 🤗
Your second one is the worst (safe.png), with panels overlapping *and* not well defined. 😀
Kumiko is indeed far from perfect; for now it works with pretty plain contour detection. I haven't coded many pre- or post-processing steps, which I sure hope to.
Another idea would be to provide processing options from within the demo: background color, opencv parameters, etc. to better tune Kumiko.

Have you seen that you can switch from panel view to page view? ('p' key or bottom-left icons)
This will show you the panels that Kumiko extracted, giving more insight on what was computed internally.

@nicooo Yes, I have. That's how I filtered for the evil examples.

If the comics are in panels with a black border and a horizontal and vertical line >= 1 pixel wide of white between them, it has a very high success rate. Unfortunately, most comics are not like that.

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