Hey Mastodon. I'm looking for a app for to edit photos.

I would like to do basic editing such has cut and paste part of the image, filters ...
Light curve and cloning tool would be a nice extra.

I found nothing on but maybe some of you know something !

Boost appreciated 😃

I'm sorry, I didn't read properly. Only cropping, rotating, etc is possible in Simple Gallery, no filters and such.

Thanks for the answer anyway, I looked at it and they do have some filters.
Still looking for something with cut and paste of part of the image.

Looks nice, I will test that.
@fdroidorg do you know that app ?

@SkyfaR @nooe FOSS or not ... the permisdions look strange for a picture editing sw.

@7usr7local If you have any questions, please ask the developers.



They include a sharing module, that may explain the permission. They ask for Google Play Services as well, but seems to work without.

Unfortunately they do not have cut/paste and cloning feature yet 😶

@nooe @SkyfaR That would explain internet permissions. Maybe they are just a bit lossy on defining the APK header - I am just saying it's not the app I do install out of curiousity when I don't have the time to give it a closer look.

Looks to be under active development but no builds published for the past year.

"Effects Pro" comes to mind, and there's ObscuraCam specifically for disguising faces.

@nooe Aren't most of these built into the Android gallery? At least some filters and image cropping.

@mase Well, not sure that Android gallery is FOSS and respectful of privacy.
Anyway Simple gallery is and has cropping/filters.
As a consequence I'm looking for a bit more advanced tools.

@nooe I think, the gallery is part of AOSP. I use Omnirom without gapps and have it included. There is leafpic in F-droid as a gallery replacement. But the F-droid package seems not to be further maintained and it has less features.

@mase @nooe using vanilla linageOS with no gapps and gallery is included so part of AOSP. Has no copy and paste though iirc

@nooe hey, a bit lame, because it is open source software, but not in fdroid 😶
You can install bit via Yalp..


Thanks, someone else also pointed this app out.

Looks great but not as complete as I could dream of (no cut and paste feature for example).

@nooe hey, propose it to developers FossAsia.. could work! 😊

@nooe I am also looking for something Free (Foss) to replace with Spanseed. Since we have good ones for desktop, I don't know why there is nothing on android

ATM, simple gallery for basic editing.

Maybe someone should look into building a companion app for OpenCamera. Hmm.. ideas happening..

@nooe Latest version of simple gallery offers basic transform options and non-adjustable filters. There's also another app called "Effects pro". It's simple, doesn't offer features like curves, and in my experience it's unusably slow. Another image editing app called "" (so far the best one) was being included in f-droid, but right now it's halted.

@nooe Terminus has imagemagick in its repo, and terminus has a widget to execute scripts that can ask for a file to operate on. So you can edit using imagemagick and some LUTs.

@nooe I'm using occasionally. Development is on github. Works well, but haven't used it much. #phimpme

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