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I finally wrote a post on how to write SMT solvers in #OCaml with mSAT: here, a SAT-powered Sudoku solver in 260 lines, with an in-browser demo. . (Also my first usage of typescript.)


Minetest 5.0.0 release candidate 2 is now available!

This is likely to be the final release candidate before the full release. There are now no known big issues remaining to be fixed

« La rareté des biens affectifs est une illusion, un décret qu’il suffit de déchirer, elle est aussi fausse que la rareté des biens matériels, montée de toutes pièces par le système capitaliste pour sanctionner ceux et celles qui refusent de travailler pour les possédant-e-s. »

Plus je lis ces textes, plus je suis en accord avec eux...

Je viens de recevoir un mail pour la création d'un compte sur un site, qui contenait la phrase suivante :
« Si le message d'erreur "Le certificat de sécurité de ce site Web présente un problème." est affiché, merci de bien vouloir cliquer sur "Poursuivre avec ce site Web." ».
Alors non. Les certificats de sécurité ils servent à quelque chose, et me dire d'ignorer une erreur comme celle-là c'est grave.

A possibly related phenomenon is called crown shyness – certain species of trees will very politely avoid overshadowing each other in a forest canopy, leaving gaps between each others' branches.

Mostly trees of the same species will do this, but different species of tree have been observed doing this too.

Again, no one's entirely sure how the trees do this, and some botanists are probably arguing about it somewhere right now.

After some more work, I have completed the second step towards my ocaml bootstrap: compiling the ocaml interpreter writter for the first step to C.
Compilation is hugely inefficient - running the ocaml compiler inside that interpreter can take 45 minutes and more than 1GB stack space for a single file, but the compiler is finally able to compile itself.
Code is at
Things still to be done: rewriting the miniml -> C compiler in another language and bootstrapping ocamllex.

Minetest 5.0 release candidate 1 (5.0.0-rc1) is now available!

This is a pre-release version which has some remaining issues. Please help us by trying it out, and reporting any issues.

À la suite de ce message j’ai ouvert ce répertoire #Coq :
N’hésitez pas à envoyer des propositions de changement. ☺

Question Vim / Emacs 

People who think that there would be no scientists or "innovation" without capitalism seem to be living in some imaginary world where scientists get paid a lot. People become scientists *despite* capitalism. Capitalism tries to sabotage science at every turn.

A nice idea: replace the author lists in scientific papers by something akin to the closing credits in movies.

Bonus: "We will no longer refer to papers by the first author’s name but rather by the actual science in there. And maybe, someday, we will start reading papers based on their titles, not by how famous or how white the author’s name is."


Minetest is an open-source voxel game engine. Play one of our many games, mod a game to your liking, make your own game, or play on a multiplayer server.

Minetest has a very active community of players, modders, and game designers, and a large amount of content available:

This account is managed by @rubenwardy, a core developer.

#minetest #opensource #gamedev

So, I finally finished by ocaml interpreter that is able to run the ocaml bytecode compiler and make it compile itself: it can be found at .
The code is still quite ugly and needs refactoring, but this is a first step towards bootstrapping OCaml!

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