We're excited to announce the official release of GNOME 40! After countless hours of work from the GNOME community, this release brings many exciting updates!

See the release highlights at forty.gnome.org/

Or view all the details in our release notes: help.gnome.org/misc/release-no

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#JeRecrute en stage au centre Inria de #Bordeaux pour travailler sur #Guix pour le #HPC et la #recherche #reproductible.


Pour étudiant·e en license/master qui souhaite faire du #LogicielLibre !

Merci de relayer. :-)

Hello Free Software Friends,
#fsfe wishes all #FreeSoftware users, developers, contributors, translators and all the people involved with Free Software a happy "I love Free Software Day"! Let's share our love for Free Software #iloveFS

Ce soir c'étais bricolage de snippet pour les fichiers AltaRica!

Pour les curieux le mode est dispo ici:

An interesting bit I had overlooked in Vagrant’s #Guix-on-#Debian announcement, is that one can also “guix install dpkg” and run “dpkg -i guix*.deb” from there. Mutually recursive distros, isn’t that beautiful?


Gave an updated #Guix-#Jupyter talk this morning at the UST4HPC workshop, before an audience of sysadmins.

That was a good opportunity to raise the issue of how hosted notebooks deprive scientists from their autonomy and undermine #reproducibility. "There is no cloud".


#ReproducibleResearch #OpenScience

Just finished the first day of the “user tools for #HPC” training.

During the intro, ~half of the attendees said they came for the #container stuff (K8S, Singularity) and about a third came for Guix. My goal is to make’em all want more #Guix and know why. :-)

My hacky FOSDEM video recording setup: laptop sitting on two "pizza boxes" (#Sun #SPARCStation) so the camera is in front of me, plus monitor on top of two dictionaries, a UML (!) book, and other similarly useful books.

A lot to learn before I can become a peertuber...

The online Day will take place on Sunday, November 22, and you can now watch the pre-recorded talks.


Or when you have time, until the 21. We will not have a dedicated time to watch them together on Sunday, instead we will have an extended Q&A of 25 (!) minutes for each subject.


Mobilizon : « Mobilizon rend futile toute envie de gonfler le nombre de participant·es à votre événement ou de membres dans votre groupe. »

J’ai beaucoup aimé l’article et le travail de fond !


👍 @Framasoft

Time for me to be annoying again!

The online Day will take place on November 22, and you have until November 6 to send your proposals!

If there is any subject on which you want to give a talk (15 to 45 minutes, it's up to you), please send your proposal to `guix-days@gnu.org`!

If you do not want to give a talk, but are willing to lead a discussion session on a specific topic during the conference, send us a message too!


Firefox/youtube-dl is an example I took last week in an OS class to illustrate that anything a user-space program can do, any other user-space program (and the user themself!) can do it as well. There’s no magic.

Afficher le fil de discussion

Actually made it through a pretty big refactor of how the Guix Data Service handles database connections for HTTP requests: git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/guix

There should be less chance of the server being slow handling requests now, and some requests should even be faster due to extra parallelism.

I'm pretty sure I must have broken something somewhere though...


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