C'est reparti pour un tour ! #semwebpro 2021 aura lieu le 9 décembre en ligne. L'appel à communication 2021.semweb.pro est ouvert jusqu'au 5 novembre. Oui, le délai est court, mais il suffit d'envoyer un mail: vous trouverez le temps ! #websemantique #data #graphes_connaissances

"Don't take the elevator in case of a Kraken attack." (or is it a Great Old One?)

Sophia, the toolkit for the programming language, has a new release. Now with a separate API crate, providing a foundation for multiple interoperable implementations. champin.net/blog/2020/sophia-v

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Grâce à la force de frappe de la communauté @osm_fr, la totalité des services de #réanimation sont cartographiés dans #OpenStreetMap ainsi que tous les services d'accueil des urgences.
Ces données sont donc disponibles pour les besoins cartos de tous.
Faites passer le mot.

4 ppl working from home requires some adjustments.
USB-C > USB-A > Ethernet > PLC > DSL

'The Future of the Open Web' session starting at @TheWebConf

Great conference dinner yesterday at the amazing @exploratorium @TheWebConf

Is it just me, or is this way of modelling a Mariage relationship disturbing? @TheWebConf

Google elaborates on the "do no evil" motto @JeffDean @TheWebConf

@JeffDean presenting TPU clusters that measure in petaflops at @TheWebConf ! Mindblowing, but I'm kind of wishing we also had other measures, like how much heat they produc. ..

If you say the unholy three letter acronym, you have to put 1$ in the swwwear jar @DameWendyDBE @TheWebConf

Q: is there anything less romantic, for your 1st time in Venice with your wife, than to go accompanied by your kids and in-laws?
A: there is! When the flight is overbooked, and your wife get stranded at the airport, and you end up going with the others and without her :-(

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Dernière livraison... je peux enfin prendre la route pour Pessac !
(Échelle 1:250)

I'll be giving an invited talk at Web Conference in two weeks on social web protocols with a segue to my new credible web group.
In talk abstract I invite folks to join W3C.social . Should be interesting. www2018.thewebconf.org/program


Le réseau social de l'avenir : Pas d'annonces, pas de surveillance institutionnelle, conception éthique et décentralisation ! Possédez vos données avec Mastodon !