Today, we've unveiled our roadmap to 's v3: live streaming, global search, better plugins, playlists and moderation: we will need your help!
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@peertube this is still really cool though, but it sucks that the platform still requires running a bloated browser for finding videos. (but at least youtube-dl supports it somewhat)

@grainloom @peertube so you would like to have... native client?
I appreciate the goal but I don't think the they have capacity for this.. unless some volunteer emerges ofc

@charlag @peertube no, just make search work without JS.
just use HTML.
Youtube can be browsed without JS. It's not an impossible task.

@grainloom @peertube yes but the player itself is p2p, how do you do this without JS. With normal videos you can ofc drop <video /> into HTML and call it a day

@charlag @peertube You don't actually need the player.
You can already play them in anything that uses youtube-dl (eg.: Celluloid) and you can use a regular torrent client to download the whole video (and hopefully seed it, although i haven't successfully done that so far).

But you can't get at the video's link or the torrent file without JS.

@grainloom @peertube okay, I get it. It shouldn't be hard to write even third-party thing for that (like Brutaldon) or even a native program.

@charlag @peertube sure, but a third party client will lag behind in feature support.
well, whatever.

@grainloom @peertube there are plenty of Mastodon clients and lag is usually not that bad. Peertube search is even simpler.

@charlag @peertube i'm fine with having to play videos over youtube-dl/libmpv (although that means i can't seed them), but it sucks majorly that simply searching for videos or looking at a channel is made impossible because the whole UI is rendered in JS.

@peertube Moderation tools are the $20,000 goal and not the $10,000 goal? Are you serious 😐?
I don’t want to be disrepectful, but you are on your way to become the #1 platform for conspiracy theory and hate speech. So maybe moderation should be a higher priority on your list.

It's worth learning from the mistakes of today's most popular social networks imo, and underestimating extremist nuts is one of them

@Sylvhem @peertube lol'ing really hard that a social media platform's putting moderation tools like this behind a paywall at all tbh

If that's something you're not providing to admins as a baseline then im not sure what else to say other than it'll be a cold day in Hell before I step foot on your platform

@Viktor It’s not behind a paywall though. PeerTube is made by a non-profit and a small team of volunteers. They need money to help the project keep running.


@Sylvhem @peertube i likely misread then, sorry!

I do agree there's a crippling abundance of fascist content and squashing that should be foremost among their priorities, and it..scans really poorly that that's not reflected in their funding goals.

@Viktor @Sylvhem

You do realize that they are no real goals here, that we will develop all those tools no matter how much we receive? our plans are detailed here

If "Moderation tools" are in the "second" place, it's because we will work on them in July. This is to give time to the community to create/discuss issues (throughout June) and help us prioritize the tools needed.

@peertube @Sylvhem Not making those moderation tools a clear, explicit, #1 priority (and you can tell me it is all you want, but you're not SHOWING us it is on your own roadmap) when you've received ceaseless feedback on the lack thereof looks REALLY bad.

It seems like a "here, we're doing it eventually, now shut up about it," instead of an earnest effort to address what should be an obvious problem.

Hey people, regardless of the point (whether moderation tools should be higher priority), the way I read the toots in this thread, some of them feel quite aggressive towards @peertube.
The people behind the Peertube FOSS project are well meaning. So maybe we could try to express our constructive criticism in a kinder way? :ancomheart:

(And sorry if the lack of non-verbal communication made me construe the toots as aggressive, where they weren't intended as such)

@peertube @Viktor @Sylvhem I think a point of confusion is that in the road map, each of the steps has a euro amount with half the image holding that information, and the other half having the month being a relatively subtle "(July)" so it intuitively looks like the image is saying "20,000 euros = moderation tools" instead of conveying that it has more to do with the month than the expected(?) donation amount by that time

I like the basic concept of peertube, but here's where I see peertube failing as it is now:

I have never came across a single peertube instance that I enjoyed. I enjoyed watching single videos, but the overall user experience looking through videos from an instance level is very bad.

- peertube presents me many videos in languages that I do not understand.
- the content is indexed and sorted by a machine, that does a pretty bad job in sorting interesting content.
- I saw often content from fascists and conspiracy theorist

proposal: let humans do the curation of content.

@syster @peertube hey! I run a personal instance, here are a few things that helped me:

1. Language: it's possible to filter videos to just a set of languages. This lives in your account settings.

2. Context sorting is definitely not great, but subscribing directly to channels helps. Additionally, I've found that it's possible to just subscribe to a few other instances from the admin side, rather than subscribing to the index. Keeping those connections low and intentional helps cut down on the amount of clutter coming in.

3. Similarly to my second point, it greatly helps to only connect to a few instances in the beginning, ideally ones with a ToS and moderation policies. You might want to check out this:

@sean @peertube
thank you for your answer!

1. oh, my fault. I need to try it again

2. My main point is: I'd like to have a video plattform that is supporting and spreading community curated content that is just nice what ever that is for them. No bigotry, no conspiracy theories...

I don't feel welcome in platforms that are by their design spreading it more then it would need to be. And I can't advice such platforms to others, if this is the case.

@sean @peertube

As I undertand it, they have choosen quantity over quality.
And as you describe, they could very easy change that, by changing the default settings.

Or am I misunderstanding/overreacting?


@sean @peertube
3. looks so much better then what I find from #peertubes official instance picker. **Every time** I try it, I find either something that is related to fascism or conspiracy theories.

Every single time I check in. Sometimes it's very obvious that it is such content, sometimes not.

This time I randomly picked an instance choose "news/politics" and "people".

@sean @peertube
The first instance that @peertube promoted to me shows an instance that lists multible times on their frontpage a turkish serie called "Kurulus Osman".

Politicly this serie is used to spread Neo-Osmanism and therefor the sort of facism Erdogan is pushing towards.

@sean @peertube

While invading Syria/Rojava, Erdogan portrayed himself on their set and spoke to the public. Meetings as such have happen several times. Erdogan and his followers identify with Neo-Osmanism. The great strong Patriarch increasing through imperialism their nation and nationalism.

@sean @peertube
remarks: It could be, that I'm oversensitive to this topic.
But I prefer that, in contrast to accepting to much.

I will agree here, its not easy to find things to watch. And i want to make videos for it, but finding a sutivel instence hasen't been that easy unfortunetly.

@peertube Live streaming is gonna be mad! Can't wait for it to happen!

@peertube знаминательное событие. Уже давно ждал такого сервиса со стримами.

@peertube I think moderation is important, which is why I'm hoping to get your funding up over to 20,000 Euro mark.

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