@codewiz @kai Wow!! You went from not wanting to record yourself to stream! 💚

@tagomago @kai Woah, woah... I didn't say I'm making a public show of myself playing like a noob!

Sure, I setup OBS with Twitch, but then I chickened out when I figured that there's no way to keep the stream private 😅

@tagomago @kai I only let some friends in Thailand see me play, under the condition they won't laugh.

One of the kids built a guitar in acrylic for CH, and another is learning the piano. The parents play the base guitar and sing. I'm looking forward to do the play the full band in a network game!

@codewiz @tagomago streaming to a friends list would be a cool peertube feature


@codewiz @kai @tagomago As we said on joinpeertube.org/en_US/roadmap live streaming will be developped on october / november and will be implement in PeerTube V3

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