🎉 3.3 is out ! 🎉

Main new features of this release: customise your instance's homepage, playlists are now searchable, shorter URLs, support of right to left languages and many other things...


@tio custom homepage for peertube instances is finally here, now you can better customize your homepage and showcase good videos and channels 😀

@futureisfoss @peertube Oh super duper cool! Finally! Cannot wait to play with that feature ;)
@peertube I hope in the future they will make it easier like you can preselect templates and not build everything in pure HTML. Like a nice user interface where you can add featured channels and videos and such. But yah finally it is here and I am sure it will improve.

We are so happy to hear that shorter URLs are now a part of Peertube.

Its something we have been calling for, for a while now.


#vivaLaFediverse #loveFediverse

Thanks to all the people who have worked to make Peertube and Fediverse better.

Shorter URLs will help Peertube and thus Fediverse.

To help those people who do #FediverseDev and #PeertubeDev, why not start your own #local #BountyProgram?

See our pinned toot, or use the hashtag #)FediFlyer to learn more. Our flyers are CC-BY-SA, all we ask is if you change text (and if so, images too) that you don't attribute us.

Thanks again all involved in improving the Fediverse!

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