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@peertube currently shows 1.163 servers. I often add new PT instances to the official instances list. The general number quickly goes down though. Is it because many instances are being later hidden by moderator team, because of their content being against JoinPeertube rules?


We regularly remove servers from the list, mainly because they do not respect our terms of use (PeerTube is edited by @Framasoft, a non-profit organisation under French law).
The regular decreases are in my opinion rather due to the deletion of servers that have not responded for a while (= probably tests instances)

@peertube @lightone @Framasoft For example,, one of the larger peertube instances was removed for who knows what dumb reason, but hundreds of peertube instances have tons of lolicon, porn and stuff that looks like real cp. French people…😖

@derek @peertube @Framasoft @lightone

This instance is unmoderated and used for hate speech (white supremacists, antisemitism) and conspiracy theories.

This is the peertube instance of a fascist social network of the same name.:

@mcduquesne @Framasoft @peertube @lightone French perverts. I am a born again Christian, NOT a fascist or white supremacist. Only a bunch of trannys and faggots can have such broken emotions and minds to call me a fascist when I haven’t acted tyrannically to anyone.

Also, Judaism is a disgusting religion but so is Catholicism and Islam.

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