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1) Re-encode videos to provide videos in smaller definitions.
2) A way to use the site without using javascript.
3) A banner space to display random images/ videos from a folder

@satanasur @peertube Actually if you want to propose your ideas you've to go on No support is made on Mastodon.

Thanks for your feedback!

@peertube I would love to use peertube with my TV, but unfortunately, I am not aware of a kodi plugin, nor a webOS app. Do you have any suggestions?

@mrak @peertube I think I tried this once, and there was one out there ( I think? ). But sadly I couldn't get it working, and I recall it being very outdated...

Kodi and Chromecast support would've been pretty awesome though, you should suggest it over at their website 😃

@josemanuel @peertube NO
I need official one
I can't login in that one

@gmate8 If all you want is to fav/comment on videos, then you can already do that from your Mastodon account; but, in case you really, really need to login, there is also this one:

NB: I haven’t tried it.


@josemanuel @peertube but you don't understand
I like the official applications better than 3rd parties
I tried all of them
None of them is good for my preferences

But however, thank you :)

"I removed the engine from the car and now it doesn't run! I want a refund" @peertube

@loveisgrief @smpl @peertube It's not his fault. Peertube shouldn't need JavaScript to simply watch a video. This is a valid issue. Just because you think otherwise doesn't mean crap. JavaScript should only be used if it is absolutely necessary. Here it is overused. It needs to change.

then write a new client. The APIs are public and well documented. Just because you think otherwise doesn't mean shit.
@smpl @peertube

@peertube what a great idea to crowdsource ideas, thank you!

@peertube nice to see that contributing bandwidth is around the top. I also developed a client based on libtorrent, but then found out that webtorrent is practically phased out of peertube for some browser only, custom solution.

After asking for another solution besides running a peertube instance, the answer was "Unfortunately, no". That's when I gave up.

Hopefully, with that feature request being at the top now, it'll be made possible.

@peertube could you please make the signin field an "email" field, so that mobile clients don't have autocorrect enabled?


Kodi plugin, Android/Linux app.
Improving search and discovery of new content!
YouTube channel sync like the one Odysee has.

@peertube Id like to see digital townhalls to make feedback to the peertube project more accessible.

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