v4.3 is out! 😍😍😍
▪ automatic import of videos from a remote channel
▪ UI improvements
▪ better integration of videos and live streams
▪ more instances customizations

Discover improvements and new features of this latest version on :

@peertube Thanks to everyone who contributed to such significant improvements! 🧡


Hey @RussSharek, they have PeerTube in Toki Pona now! 📺

(And also some minor features like YouTube channel importing...)

@peertube Strange idea, translating the software into a condtructed language that almost nobody knows.

@peertube so amazing! Thank you for bringing #peertube into the world, it's truly amazing!

You forgot the major one:
▪ Sepia the octopus got even cuter somehow. Look at him! With the little watering can and the angry spideys!

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