Controversial thoughts on white people 

A few folks have hit me up and asked why I'm so down on white people, so negative, so hostile, etc.

This has always been a funny question to me because it completely ignores the history past and current of white identified peoples and their continuing violence against people who do not look, think, act like them.

I don't view resisting, fighting, not humoring people who want you dead as 'controversial'. I view it as common sense.

Controversial thoughts on white people 

@Are0h I like that you say "white people" instead of "whiteness" because the latter feels like a linguistic trick white people like myself use to distance ourselves from harm we've caused

Controversial thoughts on white people 

@amsomniac It's always been funny to me how white people get so angry when they are reminded that they identify with a particular culture. White America takes great pains to remind us everyday we are not like them, but when that frame is reversed, it is a DAMNING OFFENSE.

This kind of highlights that white people know what their culture is doing, but would rather ignore it that actually do something. Or, they just like being hateful pricks.


Controversial thoughts on white people 

@Are0h @amsomniac Being white means you get to be the default. You have no baggage. You're an individual. You are unbiased, rational. You have no collective ball to drop when you fail. You are pulling yourself up… You did nothing wrong!

It's the others who engage in identity politics. You have no identity to be political about.

And some guy on the street or the web is shattering that sweet delusion…

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