TikTok: "We have decided to bring our product offerings in line with the industry by activating the use of first- and third-party cookies" 💩 1/

TikTok: "We're excited to announce Automatic Advanced Matching will fully launch [...] to send privacy-safe customer information" 🤪 2/

TikTok: "customer emails and phone numbers are hashed in a privacy-safe way". 🫢
I'm relieved 👌 3/

TikTok: "With this option, the pixel will scan your website for recognizable form fields containing customer information, like email and phone" 🤖 4/

"TikTok has become accustomed to Facebook and Instagram stealing its cool new features and video formats. So, it’s a refreshing change to see TikTok pilfer one of Meta’s innovations."

How *refreshing* it is, the best of surveillance capitalism 🥳 6/

TikTok: "Events API is a server-side tracking solution and is immune to browser limitations such as browser loading errors, connectivity issues and ad blockers." 🧐 8/

It seems that A LOT of websites are leaking your email to Facebook & TikTok, through basic forms, even in the EU 👀 9/

"Unlike what is claimed in the linked help page, TikTok Pixel also sends hashed personal data when the user clicks links or buttons that in no way resemble a submit button." 🫣 10/

Merci encore @pixeldetracking pour tout ce travail de veille, on apprend beaucoup 👍

@pixeldetracking ah, the trap finally closes. It's always like this, free and good until they get enough users, then all the anti patterns get added.

@afrangry yes, and they are just copying Facebook, like every big ad platform…

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