Adtech vs Apple when talking about privacy...


As many of us have been saying for a long time, Apple had many motivations for its supposedly pro-privacy stance and altruism had little to do with it.
Again, we see this trade off between privacy and competition…



Should Apple Personalized Ads be considered as "tracking"? The adtech people: yes of course, it's a serious abuse.

Hence Apple should change its "tracking" definition and display the ATT tracking pop-up, instead of this more "positive" pop-up

I agree there is a debate, but then:
- Apple should make the IDFV opt-in (this identifier let app developers track their users across their own Apps
- Google, Facebook and others shouldn't be able to cross user data across context when users say no to the ATT pop-up

- Google Chrome upcoming First-Party Sets should be opt-in (allows to share cookies between google search, maps, youtube, etc)
- The Adtech Content Fortress strategy would be at risk
- Etc

So maybe adtech should stop being hypocritical?

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