What about sharing your Org-mode workflow with us ?

For taking notes, manage tasks, your read/watch list, etc…

Do not hesitate to share it. 😉

I suggest a tag for it:

would also follow that.
i have some org roam notes and tasks about how to test things. i just started emacs 2 or 3 monts agi to use org tasks, agenda and personnal wiki.
i am still bothered by many things but i can get my ideas clearer and scheduled. which is nice. thanks to system crafters 's guy vidéos mainly

Org mode workflow 



Sure, I use org mode for a couple different things:

I have a file where I take copy down notes from research meetings, and where I used to put most of my main ideas sketching them out. This file also has org-noter notes on papers i’ve read. I now put my longer term research thoughts into org roam (which ultimately i’d like to contain all my math stuff)

I also have a few other files for life maintenance things:


@postroutine I use capture templates fairly heavily, with different .org files for each of my regular work meetings. Adding a TODO either as a subheading for the meeting or from a capture while working populates the agenda.

I bookmark each of my meeting files and navigate to the one I want using bookmark-bmenu-list.

I also use org-mode for the production of academic papers. Am attempting (not always successfully) to use org-babel for reproducible research.


I also have all my org-files and init.el on a cloudstor server so I can work on a variety of computers both at home and at work.

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