Virtual Puppet Project is now on Flathub:

It's a Vtuber app:
With your webcam, this app try to detect your face emotions and position to reproduce them on a 3D model.

The app is provided with a duck as default 3D model, but you can import new one in format .glb, .vrm and .scn.

The app is still in developpement, but I tested it and it worked.

All I miss now is a Vtuber model generator. Something that work like a character designer tool in a RPG video game.

You choose all the physical characteristics of your model:
- Eyes size, shape, position
- Nose size, shape, position
- Mouth size, shape, position
- etc

Then you choose the clothes and accesoiries and you export your Vtuber model in directly usable format.

Sadly, I don't have enough knowledge and experience to do it.


This is pretty cool. A few questions:

1. Is it FLOSS?

2. Can you perhaps show a demo somewhere?

3. How hard is it to make new models?


Yes, it is FLOSS. MIT licence. To detect face emotions and position, it use OpenSeeFace in BSD 2 clause licence:

Warning: OpenSeeFace use a little bit of C#. It can be a problem for some people.

For the demo, maybe later. But it will not show a lot. You will see a duck that move his head and blink his eyes. I don't have another model.


For making a model, I am not an expert about this.

After a few minutes research, you can make a model with Blender but not export directly in .vrm.

To convert from blender to .vrm format, you can use blend2vrm:

It's in GPLv3 licence.

But I haven't tested it. So, I don't krow how it is.

@postroutine I believe I'm already familiar with this project. It used to be known as “openseeface-gd”. Still, thank you for the information.

Also, you couldn't know that, but even on my Linux installs, I generally don't use Flatpak. Due to this, linking to the project's source code is more helpful to me.

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